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Medical Office Assistant - Fall 2021 (MOAS-100) Information

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This 30-week program prepares learners to work in a fast-paced, rapidly changing health care organization.
Learners will be prepared to work in technologically based organizations to have the relevant knowledge and skills to support the medical team and clients successfully. Learners will develop strong interpersonal communication skills and manage various innovative technology applications within the office to meet a medical office's current and future needs. The Medical Office Assistant contributes to the healthcare team by managing the flow of clients and supporting care providers and other team members' duties.

Courses include Medical Terminology, Computer Applications, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Financial Transactions, and a comprehensive review of the Medical Office Assistant role. Some of the program topics include customer service, patient-centred approaches to care, professionalism, safety, and infection control. After completing the coursework, learners will consolidate learning and participate in a 105-hour preceptorship experience in a medical office setting.

Medical Office Assistant Entrance Requirements:
  1. English 20-2; with a minimum score of 60% achieved OR a minimum score of 250 on the Reading component, 250 on the Writing component and 5 on the WriterPlacer Test. Students who have not completed the ELA, 20-2 level requirement and achieved the minimum grade are subject to completing the ACCUPLACER assessment test. This can include students out of province, out of country or mature students that have been out of school for a significant length.
  2. Math 10-1; with minimum score of 60%

Certificate Details

This Certificate has required prerequisites

Classes offered: 6

Classes required for completion: 6

Mandatory Classes: 6

A passing grade is required to receive credit for the classes in this Certificate.

Classes in this Certificate may be taken in any order.

Price:  $3,800.00


Courses Available for this Certificate

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This course addresses topics related to financial transactions and medical billing processes common in the medical office. Basic financial concepts and records ......(more)
This course provides an opportunity to consolidate classroom learning and apply it to professional practice. Learners will integrate knowledge, skills, attitude ......(more)


Mon - Fri | 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
100 College Blvd
Box 5005
Red Deer AB T4N 5H5