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Management Skills for Supervisors (CMFS-001)    Certificate Group : (July 2023 Lacombe # SM1) Information

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The Management Skills for Supervisors Certificate Program helps learners build their management capacity. This foundational program focuses on identifying what a manager’s role is within organizations and develops skills in effective communications, performance management, conflict resolution and team support. During the program, each learner builds knowledge of self and their ability to navigate the relationships key to their managerial success.

Certificates & Micro-Credentials Details

Classes offered: 4

Classes required for completion: 4

Mandatory Classes: 4

A passing grade is required to receive credit for the classes in this Certificates & Micro-Credentials.

Classes in this Certificates & Micro-Credentials may be taken in any order.

Price:  $1,050.00


Classes Available for this Certificates & Micro-Credentials

Examine management styles and understand the process for transitioning from colleague to supervisor. You will gain an understanding of your own unique managemen ......(more)
Explore best practices for effective communication in your workplace. Determine what you need from others and what they need from you to ensure open, honest and ......(more)
Learn skills to assess whether or not progress is being made toward your team's objectives and goals. Develop the capacity to manage conflict that occurs in the ......(more)
Discover the dynamics of effective and collaborative teams. Explore the role of team members and the characteristics of successful teams while you develop an ac ......(more)

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