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Bookkeeping Basics (BOOK-001) Information

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Build your basic Bookkeeping skills!  Are you a new entrepreneur or professional administrator that just wants to get their head wrapped around bookkeeping principles and skills? This online program will increase your knowledge around fundamental accounting concepts, processes, and manual bookkeeping systems.

This certificate consists of four courses:
  1. Technical ABC's - Computer Basics for Bookkeeping
  2. Ground Zero Terms and Transactions for Bookkeeping
  3. Adding on for Bookkeeping
  4. Trial and Error - Free software for Basic Bookkeeping
  • The ABC’s of Microsoft Windows, Word and Excel as it pertains to bookkeeping
  • Basic accounting terminology and transactions to advanced bookkeeping skills
  • How to complete a full set of books for more than one industry.
  • About different accounting software programs and how they work
Take any course individually* for personal or professional development, or complete all four courses to earn your certificate!

*We highly recommend taking the courses of each certificate program in the order presented, as the content builds on information from earlier courses.

Certificates & Micro-Credentials Details

Classes offered: 4

Classes required for completion: 4

Mandatory Classes: 4

A passing grade is required to receive credit for the classes in this Certificates & Micro-Credentials.

Classes in this Certificates & Micro-Credentials may be taken in any order.

Price:  $1,995.00


Courses Available for this Certificates & Micro-Credentials

This would be Class 3 of a 4-class option for Bookkeeping Basics Certificate. Now that you have a solid foundation in place from Ground Zero Terms and Transacti ......(more)
This would be Class 2 of a 4-class option for Bookkeeping Basics Certificate. A solid foundation is necessary to build upon, so the best place to start is at gr ......(more)
This would be Class 1 of a 4-class option for Bookkeeping Basics Certificate. Get a simple step-by-step refresher on how to use Microsoft Windows, Word and Exce ......(more)
This would be Class 4 of a 4-class option for Bookkeeping Basics Certificate. Free software for Basic Bookkeeping:  explore bookkeeping software programs t ......(more)

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