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Unit Clerk (UNIT-001) Information

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This program provides opportunities to develop the skills and attributes to efficiently operate in the management and coordinating position of a unit clerk. It is imperative that, as a key team player, the unit clerk has highly developed communication and interpersonal skills with proficiency in stress and time management. The program promotes and encourages extensive student involvement as most activities are interactive and the learning is experiential.

Certificate Details

Public Registration is not available for this Certificate; Please contact Continuing Education Staff at 403-356-4900 to register.

Classes offered: 7

Classes required for completion: 7

Mandatory Classes: 7

A passing grade is required to receive credit for the classes in this Certificate.

A passing level of attendance is required to receive credit for the classes in this Certificate.

Classes in this Certificate must be taken in a specific order.

Price:  $2,552.04


Courses Available for this Certificate

You will develop interpersonal communication skills, practice oral presentation skills, apply professional skills, and create an effective resume.
You will develop the skills and attitudes necessary to perform the role of the Unit Clerk.
You will develop computer skills critical for success in the Unit Clerk field.
You will develop keyboarding speed and accuracy.
You will develop a Medical Terminology vocabulary necessary to communicate information in a hospital or similar health care setting.
You will develop processing, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills by completing thorough and accurate medical orders.
You will demonstrate integration and consolidation of knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours and judgements within the context of a comprehensive Unit Clerk p ......(more)